Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review: Pita Bros.

With the gorgeous weather we're having today in Milwaukee - 76 degrees and sunny - I thought it'd be great to have lunch outside!
My coworker and I decided to check out Pita Bros., "Wisconsin's first electric foodie vendor!"
What does that mean? According to their website:
Pita Brothers™ is a mobile foodservice concept created by two brothers, Vijay and Manoj Swearingen. Pita Brothers™ can be found operating on the streets of downtown Milwaukee, WI starting June 2009. Customers can regularly find out where we are, what specials we may be offering and all of the latest happenings by joining our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter (search Pita Brothers™).
Pretty cool in my book - I follow them on Twitter, so I checked out where they'd be parked - Catalano Square in the Historic 3rd Ward area. We walked the 8 or so blocks from the Pabst offices, and found them parked in front!
Both guys were really nice and answered all of my questions. They have this whiteboard menu, but even cooler is their flat screen TV with rotating menu (other side of the truck).
I chose the Fresh Veggie Pita Wrap, my coworker selected the Chicken Caesar. One of the guys cooked on the grill while the other set up the wraps and their toppings. My Veggie Pita came with hummus and tahini, and I added romaine, spinach, tomatoes, cukes, banana peppers and feta.
The Twitter special today was a free cookie with the purchase of a combo, so we also got the gratis cookies, chips and drinks. $15 Bucks when all was said and done... a bargain!
That's one gorgeous Pita Wrap... 
We even had a friend join us near the picnic table. 
My Pita Wrap was tasty and the ingredients tasted very fresh, I ate about 3/4 of it. The herbed pita chips were pretty good, too - the brand was Stacy's Snacks and the package said they are "all natural." Had about 1/3 of the bag. I haven't tried the cookie yet, but will be sharing it with Zak later tonight :-)
Pita Bros., you get two thumbs up from me! Milwaukeeans can catch them on weekdays from 11:30AM - 2PM at Catalano Square (near MIAD).

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