Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The stuff that dreams are made of... Shah Jee's takeout, take two.

Last week, I attempted a lunch from my favorite local joint, Shah Jee's Pakistani, that kinda failed. I got to the restaurant too late and all of my favorite entree, chana masala, was gone. I had to settle for some bland Saag Paneer (potatoes with spinach) and a bizzare mix of greasy vegetables.
Today, all was redeemed and lunch happiness was brought to me via a takeout box.
Spicy, savory Chana Masala. 
Sweet peas with cheese. 
Fluffy, perfectly done basmati rice. 
What a dream. Props to Kyle for making this happen!
Milwaukeeans can check out Shah Jee's for themselves: 770 North Jefferson St. (located in the basement food court). Open 11:30AM - 2PM, Monday - Friday. Note: There is usually a massive and slow-moving line from 11:50 - 12:30, fair warning.
Want to take a quick sec right here to thank all of the Foodie Blogroll readers for your support! My hits today and yesterday are off the charts, and I really appreciate your checking out my blog :-) Cheers to being part of such a supportive and amazing creative community! 

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