Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Empty Tummy is a Sad Tummy

Has your stomach ever had a bad week?
Since Sunday, my tummy has been in a bad, sad place. I had a bad case of dehydration or something and found myself pretty ill, ALL DAY on Sunday. I could barely stomach the Gatorade that Zak brought for me, so food was out of the question. Later on in the day, I did manage to get down a few saltine crackers.
When I was a kid, my Mom had a simple rule when it came to  food for tender tummies: BRAT
Smart lady, eh? All of these foods are gentle on the stomach and help to get your parts back in working order. I called the "24 Care" Line that my health insurance provides and talked to a nurse as well, she said to also avoid dairy for the next few days (check).
Monday was rough because it was "Meat Soup Day!" at the deli I frequent. Ok, that's not really what they call it, but the options were Cream Of Potato BACON, CHICKEN Pot Pie and Vegetable BEEF. Yuck! When I got home, Zak had picked up some Ramen Noodles (don't gag) and some potatoes. I made the Ramen and slowly ate the noodes and broth... later on Zak made mashed potatoes, and I enjoyed a small bowl.
Today I had a doctor's appointment located in the same building as a Whole Foods, and I was happy to check out their soup selection. I chose some broccoli cheese soup - of the options, it had the most appeal. I forgot to take a photograph :-( However I assure you, it was perfectly warm, comforting and salty and had just the bit of protein and fat I have been missing. 
While at Whole Foods, I did snag some new items that I will be stoked to eat once my tummy resumes homeostasis:
- Justin's Natural Almond Butter - Squeeze Pack in Maple Flavor for $.99
- Bumble Bars - in Original with Almond and Chai with Almonds Flavors, 2 for $3
- CLIF Bars - White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Flavor (new one to try!) $1 each
- Peanut Butter & Co. - Dark Chocolate Dreams Flavor, $4.99
- Dealallo organic pasta shells, "made with bronze plates" (???) - $2.99 
I also had some more saltine crackers and a bit of banana this afternoon... very boring photo:
See how my desk has the stack of papers? Thats how busy it is right now in show-marketing land. Lots of stuff is confirming which means we need to get the shows on sale asap. *sigh*
My friend Jason is working with me at tonight's Pete Yorn show at Turner Hall Ballroom, we're going to grab some eats - aka Bavarian pretzels - and Happy Hour "drinks" - for me that will mean a white soda - beforehand at Old German Beer Hall.
Hopefully will be back to eating normally tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Aww, sorry to hear you're not feeling so well! When I was sick with the flu this past spring, I definitely used the BRAT rule. Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy that great load of goodies from Whole Foods. :)