Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meade & Fro-yo

It's been a fun night!
Zak and I went to Irish Fest and checked out Who's Your Paddy? We were laughing as we walked in because he had on a black shirt and I was wearing blue... everyone else around us was decked out in green. Next time we'll know!
The event was... interesting. I think it may have been a different experience had we arrived a little later, but we arrived a few minutes before it even started - lol. We were by far the youngest people there, and we're both 27! It had been marketed as an event for 21-35 year olds, but I am guessing the average age was 40+. We got our two free beers (Miller Lite - blecchh) and headed out to the main part of the fest grounds where a little more action was happening.
We cruised around the food tents and checked out the options. Lots of potatoes and meat options... We did find a place offering grilled salmon, veggies and a potato for $7.95. Sold!
Zak had already had dinner, but ate about 1/2 of the plate. I ate the other half :-) The veggies were okay, the salmon was a little tough and the potato was pretty standard. 
I saw a sign for Meade and just had to try some! This is an Irish honey wine, it tasted strongly of honey but reminded me of bourbon with its smoky undertones. I really liked it!
We left by like 7:15 - lol. We're old! Here we are on our way out.
Once I got home I remembered I had some Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia fro-yo, so I took care of what was left in the pint... probably about 1/2 cup. Mmmm. No photo, sorry.
We are now enjoying a riveting episode of Law & Order. Coming tomorrow morning - a review of Alterra Coffee Roasters granola. Goodnight!

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