Friday, August 14, 2009

A Late lunch...

Don't ask! In this business shows can get confirmed and need to be turned around on a dime... that is the case today with a show that shall remain nameless at our large venue, that's happening in 3 weeks. No wonder we had to pounce on it to get it up ASAP today!
Kept calm by listening to Peaches and had a Kashi Cherry Dark Choc bar as a snack... ha.
I got to my lunch at 3:45PM... didn't feel too hungry but as soon as I saw my food, I needed it!
Used one 5 oz. can of Albacore tuna + about 1.5 cups of pasta and bean salad with herbed feta. Added some red pepper flakes for a flavor kick, and had some Kashi Country Cheddar crackers on the side. Pretty good!
It's now 4PM and I need to head to Discovery World soon for setup our media partners for tonight's Pulp Fiction screening event. It's hot outside and I am a little worried about my dehydration issues from earlier this week. Gonna chug water and hope for the best.
I also have that 1 cup plain yogurt + 2/3 cup Alterra granola + 1/3 cup blueberries to eat. Will probably bring that with me...
Do you ever pack a healthy mini-meal / snack, only to not get to eating it?
Drives me crazy!
I may not have time to blog again tonight, we shall see! Plans are in the works to grab drinks after the screening begins, maybe checking out Tracy Chapman @ The Pabst... see ya later :-)
What are your plans for the weekend?

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Annie M said...

There is this bag of almonds that I had been carrying around in my purse for about a month. Not sure why, but I never had the craving for them. They came in handy last night when I was driving back from Denver in rush hour traffic... I was extremely hangry. Unfortunately they were stale :(

Plans for the weekend: On Saturday I'm going to drive up to the top of Pikes Peak to cheer on my friend Sarah as she completes the 1/2 marathon up to the top. She said she's feeling sick so I am not sure if she'll choose to go on with the race, but if she does, I'll be there! Her mom is flying in to cheer her on as well!