Thursday, August 20, 2009

When life gives you lemons....

As Atmosphere says, " paint that SH*T gold!" This week has been stressing me out. I didn't get to post at all yesterday, which is fine but GEEZ. Work stuff, some personal stuff and thank goodness that Zak and the pets have been keeping me sane.
I did not get motivated to work out early in the AM on Tuesday... however after work, had a great 35 minute run / walk treadmill workout. I am attempting to get myself into running shape and while it will be a long journey, I am thrilled that I can run for 8 minutes :-D
Some things that I am lovin' this week:
Organic plums that were on sale at Woodman's - it's Thursday and we've already gone through an entire bag! Will have to get some more soon.
Watermellon. This will be out of season soon, and this is by far my favorite summertime produce treat. Mmmm...
Frugal living / coupon blogs like Being Frugal is Fabulous and Krazy Coupon Lady. BFF (love the name) linked to a great weekly deal from Walgreens (today's deal - 20 free photo prints!) and KCL has great how-to advice for coupon usage and deal alerts. I estimate that Zak & I will save at least $5 weekly on groceries due to tips I've learned... and $5 x 52 weeks = $260, people. That's one heck of a start!
I hope to post more later... ciao.

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